Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Galina, Mother of Eight

Woman with child at a center
Shalom Rav (Much Peace),

We would like to thank everyone who works at Jacob's Hope, those at the distribution center and those who donate.  I have a large family, eight children.  Only my husband works while I take care of the children.  We have received clothing, food, furniture and more from the Jacob's Hope distribution center.  The money we save on these items allows us to use the money my husband earns to pay our rent, utilities and other necessities.

Thank you for all that you do!


The Compassion Team is responsible for all of Jacob's Hope's projects in Israel, but they are funded independently of Jacob's Hope.  Without their guidance and hard work, many of the opportunities we have to work with local congregations and municipalities would not be available.  It is important to us to have their oversight on the ground.  They are currently raising support for a second term in Israel, but we can't afford to have the work we began together in Israel be interrupted in order for them to return to the States for an extended period of time (to raise the support they need to live there).  Please prayerfully consider supporting this family directly at so they can continue with this important work we have started together.

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