Monday, January 21, 2013

Moving forward with our Eighth Project

Packing Bags for Distribution
As many of you may have deduced, Jacob's Hope has an eighth project in Israel. We have joined with "Love for the Needy," our partners in K'far Saba, to begin a food distribution in the city of Hadera.  Love for the Needy distributes bags of food to 17 families in Hadera and Jacob's Hope currently is supplementing these bags with "food vouchers" that can be used at a local grocery store to buy meat, fish and fresh produce. Additionally, we are working with a local congregation to find a small storefront we can rent, where we will be able to make clothing and household items available to the 12,000 people in this city living below the poverty line.  The total population of Hadera is 77,000, 99% Jewish and other non-Arab, and has a significant number of immigrants from Ethiopia.  

Last week I was able to help put together the bags for distribution and joined a small group to deliver some of these bags. We were invited in to the home of a Russian-speaking woman who's children were adults, but are not in the position to assist their mother financially.  This woman was being visited by her sister when we entered with the bags of food.  Although their Hebrew was still basic, we were able to communicate our concern for her welfare. Her sister sat and watched us quietly as we asked this women about her needs and offered to pray for her physical aliments. After we prayed, I looked up at the sister and saw she was crying. She was very touched and appreciative of the love and concern we showed for her sister. It means so much to these families to see that someone cares, and it gives them hope.