Friday, March 22, 2013

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

We regret to inform you, our faithful supporters, that as of the end of this month we will no longer have a compassion project in Tel Aviv.  Our partners in Tel Aviv, Agape, are no longer continuing this work.  We searched for other partners, however, while we were searching God provided other opportunities to bring compassion to Israel.

Tzfat is a city on a hill with an elevation of 900 meters
As we close one project, we are opening several others.  Two weeks ago we announced the grand opening of our new compassion center in Nazareth Illit.  This week we opened what would have been our tenth compassion project in the town of Tzfat.  Tzfat is literally a city on a hill, and with an elevation of 900 meters, is the highest city in Israel.  You can read more about the rich historical significance of Tzfat on Wikipedia by clicking here.  Tzfat's population of 32,000 is 99% ethnically Jewish.

This week we also signed the lease on a new store front in Hadera.  We have been providing food cards (to purchase food at local stores) for 17 families in this city of 80,000 along the Mediterranean coast.  According to the welfare office, there are 12,000 needy families in this city.  With our new store front, we will be able to supplement our food distribution with the availability of clothing and other household items.  We will have the grand opening of the Hadera center after Passover.

The Compassion Team is responsible for all of Jacob's Hope's projects in Israel, but they are funded independently of Jacob's Hope.  Without their guidance and hard work, many of the opportunities we have to work with local congregations and municipalities would not be available.  It is important to us to have their oversight on the ground.  They are currently raising support for a second term in Israel, but we can't afford to have the work we began together in Israel be interrupted in order for them to return to the States for an extended period of time (to raise the support they need to live there).  Please prayerfully consider supporting this family directly at so they can continue with this important work we have started together.

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