Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Article in Russian Israeli Paper

The following article was written in a Russian Israeli newspaper regarding the Backpack distribution we did in Ma'alot:

Article Title:  On August 9th @ “Tabernacle of David for all Nations” a Children’s Charitable Event Took Place

Especially in the beginning of a new school year, no small amount of expenses are needed for supplies.  This is especially no joking matter regarding basic essentials for those who have two or more children in their family. Therefore any assistance is in this matter makes a real difference in the family budget.

Thanks to an organization called “Jacob’s Hope”, children ages 6 to 13 received beautiful backpacks that included an assortment of school supplies.

The organizers of the event met with the parents and their children at 6:00 P.M.  With excitement of the event’s opening, the meeting hall quickly overflowed where they met together. Joyfully, approximately 80 children received their anticipated gifts.  Funds were provided by offerings from the USA by those who love and bless Israel.

In each bag we had actually included a card which read; "Funds were provided by Christians from the USA who love and want to bless Israel." The newspaper decided to leave out the word "Christian."