Thursday, December 31, 2009

Coming Soon...

Tikvat Yacov's Ashdod Distribution Center -
All the major rennovations are complete and as you can see, boxes of humanitarian aid have begun to arrive. We have clothing, blankets, pillows and even a few toys to give to those in need. We just need to take care of a few more minor details before we open our doors to the public.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Hanukkah

Just before Hanukkah, Tikvat Yacov was able to enter into a partnership with Agape, in Tel Aviv, to open up our second center in Israel. Agape had been running a distribution center in Tel Aviv but their work was significantly diminished when their landlord decided not to renew their lease. Although they continued to distribute some food packages from an administrative office, they could not afford to open a full distribution center due to the high rents in Tel Aviv. Fortunately, we connected with Agape through a mutual friend and easily reached an agreement to renew their work in Tel Aviv. Although the initial location we had chosen fell through, we were able to find another location where, amazingly, both the head of Agape and I know the owner.

In Ashdod, renovations to our center have been completed and I will be heading down there this week to transfer all the utilities from the owner. I will post pictures as soon as I am able.

In addition to our two centers, our partnership with Rivers of Living Water continues in Karmiel. We had a food distribution for Hanukkah on December 12 and are planning another food distribution targeted for Ethiopian Jews living in Karmiel in January.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Work To Be Done

Tikvat Yacov is continuing its efforts to open distribution centers in Israel and is proud to announce a new partnership with congregation Beit Halel in Ashdod. This week we have signed an agreement to lease a property in downtown Ashdod for our first distribution center in Israel. Ashdod is on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, about a half hour drive South of Tel Aviv and is currently the fifth largest city in Israel with approximately 240,000 residents. Ashdod is an up and coming city in Israel, attracting many people who work in Tel Aviv, but can't afford to live in that city.
Along with this new partnership there comes a great amount of work to be done. I have meetings scheduled with lawyers and accountants to iron out the remaining details of operating a non-profit organization in Israel. We have hired contractors to do necessary renovations to the store-front we are renting and hired a manager from the congregation.
Meanwhile, we are still looking at other opportunities in Tel Aviv and Eilat. Additionally, Rivers of Living Water has scheduled another food distribution for Hanukkah in early December.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Work Continues

On Saturday, October 10, 2009, Tikvat Yacov, along with, and through the efforts of Rivers of Living Water in Karmiel, was able to distribute another 90 bags of food to families in need. It is truly amazing to see exactly how much food is required to produce these 90 bags. We had 5 shopping carts overloaded with cases of pasta, tomato sauce, corn, oil, tuna, sugar, soup, crackers and tea.

Although we have been purchasing this food, at a discount, from a local supermarket, Irene Friedman, from Rivers of Living Water, has secured the services of a food distributor so that we will be able to acquire even more food to distribute as we continue our efforts in Karmiel.
In addition to our work in Karmiel, we are in the process of securing a humanitarian aid center in Eliat, where there are a large number of single mothers and new immigrants, who have been attracted to the area by the low cost of living and employment opportunities in the Hotel industry.

There have also been a number of other opportunities for Tikvat Yacov to open additional centers in Ashdod, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, but we have been limited by the amount of funding available. We have meetings scheduled in these three cities to determine how we can best provide in these areas with the limited resources we currently have available.

Monday, September 14, 2009

72 Bags of Food Distributed

Tikvat Yacov's first offical event in Israel was a complete success, thanks to Seva & Irene Friedman, along with their congregation, Rivers of Living Water in Karmiel.

Seventy-two families received a food bag containing; wheat flour, white sugar, white rice, noodles, tomato sauce, canned corn, tuna, pickles, oil, tea and napkins.

The evening began with some entertainment, which was provided by some of the youth at Rivers of Living Water Congregation. There was also a puppet show, featuring a donkey, who found out he is exactly who God made him to be.

After the entertainment had ended, families were asked to line-up at various tables where the food bags were distributed. Familes were asked to provide identification numbers to ensure the food was being distributed properly. There was also plenty of apples and honey to enjoy while everyone waited their turn.

Tikvat Yacov, along with Rivers of Living Water, will be holding these events in Karmiel on a monthly basis. Each bag cost appoximately $12.50 USD to make, and provides a family of four with one meal, plus food staples, such as flour, sugar, rice and oil. Please consider making a monthly pledge to Tikvat Yacov to provide a bag of food each month for a needy family in Israel. Donations can be made by clicking on the link to Jacob's Hope (below). Please make sure to designate funds for Israel.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Partnership with "Rivers Of Living Water"

Tikvat Yacov, Jacob's Hope in Israel, is partnering with Rivers of Living Water in Karmiel, Israel, in order to distribute food to families in need. We will have a special kick-off event a week before Rosh HaShannah, the Jewish New Year. The event is currently scheduled for September 12th at 6 PM (moved up from the 19th), and will include some presentations by Rivers of Living Water before handing out 50 to 100 bags of food. Each family will receive one bag of food, including flour, sugar, rice and other non-perishable staples.