Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tears of Joy

We shared this story of Facebook last month and many of you seemed to enjoy it so we are sharing it again here: 

Sometimes we get people who come in the store who are not in need, but appreciate what we do and want to help support us. Today, such a women came in, picked out a coat and put 100 NIS in the Tzadak box (donations). Later, a woman came in and wanted to know if we ever got any wigs. Her hair was thinning terribly and she was obviously embarrassed by it. We could tell she was desperate. We sent her next door to a wig shop and made a deal with the owner for a wig which she styled. It was more than the 100 NIS in the Tzadakah box (we made up the difference), but when the woman who was losing her hair left, she was crying tears of joy. When you donate, you never know how God is going to use what you give. Someone out there thought they were donating a coat, but they really bought a balding woman a wig. #tearsofjoy

The Compassion Team is responsible for all of Jacob's Hope's projects in Israel, but they are funded independently of Jacob's Hope.  Without their guidance and hard work, many of the opportunities we have to work with local congregations and municipalities would not be available.  It is important to us to have their oversight on the ground.  They are currently raising support for a second term in Israel, but we can't afford to have the work we began together in Israel be interrupted in order for them to return to the States for an extended period of time (to raise the support they need to live there).  Please prayerfully consider supporting this family directly at so they can continue with this important work we have started together. 

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