Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Quiet Before the Storm

Other than buying a new air conditioner for our Ashdod store front, all has been quiet as we reach the middle of the summer. I am continuing to pay bills and work on the never ending legal issues in Israel while our distribution centers in Ashdod and Tel Aviv are continuing to give out food and clothing, and our center in Karmiel is handing out food bags every other month to 200 families. However, we are looking to make a splash at the end of August as Jacob's Hope is shipping its first container to Israel. Jeff Friedman, head of Jacob's of Hope World Missions, is coming to Israel with a few of our new members and supporters. We are hoping to film some of the activity at our distribution centers, as well the unloading of the container so you all can get a look at everything we are doing. Also, for the first time since we opened our center in Tel Aviv, we are looking to expand our activity in Israel, thanks to the generous support you all continue to give, even in these tough times.