Monday, July 9, 2012

Sukkat David is our seventh center in Israel

 A few months ago we agreed to help Congregation Sukkat David in Ma'alot.  This congregation has outgrown the home of its leaders Dima and Yana, and Jacob's Hope has agreed to give this congregation monthly support which will cover their rent for one year so they can use their own funds to cover the costs associated with upgrading from a home group to having their own building (construction, remodeling, chairs, equipment, etc.).  Dima and Yana have asked that we share the following testimony with our supporters so you know the type of work you are supporting here in Israel.  It is the testimony of the first of many people in Ma'alot they were able to bring to faith in Yeshua: 
Shalom dear ones,

Two years ago, in July of 2010, we moved here to Ma'alot with God's call for us to start up a congregation. The first week we moved our eleven-year-old daughter met a girl in our neighborhood.  She visited their home, told them of our faith in Yeshua and how we came to start a congregation. That evening the Mother of the girl came over and asked us lots of questions about our faith and our congregation.  After two weeks she accepted Yeshua and we started having home meetings with her.  God started to use us here in Ma'alot.  A year later in the spring of 2011 she was baptized!  She remains faithful to Yeshua despite the hard times she has encountered with her husband because of her faith. Today her husband is more open to having conversations about faith. She wants to be able to serve the Lord by working with children. Currently, she is a teacher at a kindergarten. Her name is Tanya and she is married with two children.

Dima and Yana
Congregation Sukkat David to all the Nations

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