Wednesday, July 25, 2012

School Supply Initiative

Our compassion center in K’far Saba recently reached out to the absorption center in Ashkelon where a number of Ethiopians have arrived in recent months. Absorption centers help new immigrants get on their feet in Israel, often providing temporary housing and Hebrew classes as well as other forms of assistance.

Our partners, “Love to the Needy,” was able to provide backpacks and school materials to the children of these new immigrant families in Ashkelon.  In the coming months, we are looking to contribute to this initiative, helping needy families in Ashdod, K’far Saba and Maalot, by providing school bags, notebooks and writing tools to ensure their financial needs do not hinder their children’s education. The compassion we are able to share with these needy people is not only making an impression on them, but also on those who work in agencies, like the absorption centers and municipalities, who work with those in need.

The following was compiled from two letters sent to our partners Love to the Needy, from the Ashkelon absorption center.

To those who give through Jacob’s Hope, love to the needy:

Immigrant families living in Ashkelon came to Israel from Ethiopia in recent months. Most of these families are large families living on assistance from the Ministry of Absorption. These families are facing many economic difficulties: buying medicines, compulsory education, rent and payments, electricity, water and gas, food and clothing while supporting their families that remain in Ethiopia...

...We thank you heartily and welcome this initiative and the substantial donation - school bags, notebooks and writing tools. Everything was distributed to children for the opening of academic year and you made these families very glad. It is very difficult dealing with immigration and adjusting to life in Israel.

Thank you for caring and for your involvement in the community.

Ashkelon Absorption Center

How Can You Help?

We still need to raise another $1,000 in monthly commitments in order to reach the modest budget that was set for our living expenses in Israel. Please pray about making a monthly financial commitment so we can continue to do this work in Israel.  

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