Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Testimony From a Single Mother in Ashdod

Shalom.  I want to thank all the workers who have been behind the humanitarian help offered to many in Israel, through the distribution of various products to the people who need it most. I am one of these people. I’ve lead a difficult life as a single mother of three children; I’ve got a daughter who has just turned 2, a son who is eight years old and another who is eleven. When I first started receiving assistance my children were even younger, and I was in the midst of a lot of financial difficulties to the extent that I could not afford food. Fortunately, you would provide us with the food packages just as my children would start asking for more food. The people who can empathize with this situation most are those who have been in similar situations, and thankfully my disposition has bettered since, but your help remains a blessing. I would also like to thank the organization responsible for this work, Jacob's Hope.  They provided me with all the necessities that my newborn daughter needed -even diapers. I know how many people benefit from the distribution of foodstuffs and clothing, and are able to solve their problems thanks to you.
A huge thank you to you all,
The Family of Maria S.

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