Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ianna - a single mother in K'far Saba

I am a single mother to two children.  I came from Ukraine about 10 years ago.  Since I was a little girl I heard from my parents how they yearn for Israel, the land of the Jews. My Grandmother is a Holocaust survivor and she went through hell in the concentration camps.   With God's help she survived.
My other Grandmother suffered persecution for being Jewish.  Her family name was recognizably Jewish, so she had to change it.  She would tell me about her hard life; poverty, lack of warm clothing, lack of basic needs and desperate needs. She taught me about values, to be an independent person, to be mature and to deal with life no matter how hard it gets.

The connection I have with Israel is a very special one.  My whole time growing up I waited for the moment I would move to Israel.  I am now here, but my parents are still in Ukraine because they are too sick and too old to move here.  I am happy that I am here in Israel, raising my children, even though it is very hard for me financially.

I work, but my salary is very low, minimum wage.  The cost of living in Israel is very high and I am having a hard time keeping up with the cost of living.   This is why I have a debt in the bank.  Cost of living, rent, school and other things make it very hard for me to function on a daily basis.

I receive help from the non-profit Love for the Needy [supported by Jacob’s Hope], many years now.  Mostly it is food, clothing, shoes, school supplies and grocery store vouchers.  I have no doubt in my mind that the help that I receive is a blessing for me and my children.

I want to thank Love for the Needy, Jacob’s Hope, Chaim [the manager in K'far Saba] and his staff. They help with ALL their hearts.  They care and want to help.  They impress me very much and I thank them for that and for the food I receive every month.  I bless them for all they do for my family and others.

Thank you,


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