Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Projects and Purim Celebrations!

Mishloach Manot
Jewish people around the world celebrated Purim, on Sunday February 24.  Purim is the Jewish holiday which commemorates the events found in the book of Esther.  It is tradition in Israel to dress-up in costumes and give gifts of candy or food and drinks called Mishloach Manot.  Along with our partners, Rivers of Living Waters, the Compassion Team of Jacob's Hope gave out 200 Mishloach Manot gifts to less fortunate children in the Northern Israeli cities of Karmiel, Hatzor HaGilit, Tzfat, Nazareth Elite and Akko. 

Hatzor HaGilit
While Judith and I were in Hatzor, we were able to see the small distribution center Rivers of Living Waters is currently running out of a small room in someone's apartment.  We got to hear about the needs in this city and the municipalities desire to bring our help to their town.  It is our desire to work with Rivers of Living Waters, and the municipality of Hatzor HaGalit, to find a larger location where we can make more items available and assist a greater number of people.  We were told that even those who live above the poverty line here, struggle to pay their bills and provide for their families.

Donated Building in Tzfat
We have just begun work in two other Northern cities, in partnership with Rivers of Living Waters.  In the town of Tzfat, the municipality has donated the use of a bomb shelter where we can distribute food and clothing.  Also in the town of Nazareth Elite, a building is being donated by a private citizen so that we can distribute food and clothing in that community.  We are currently working to renovate these buildings so be on the lookout for us to officially begin these new projects soon!

The Compassion Team is responsible for all of Jacob's Hope's projects in Israel, but they are funded independently of Jacob's Hope.  Without their guidance and hard work, many of the opportunities we have to work with local congregations and municipalities would not be available.  It is important to us to have their oversight on the ground.  They are currently raising support for a second term in Israel, but we can't afford to have the work we began together in Israel be interrupted in order for them to return to the States for an extended period of time (to raise the support they need to live there).  Please prayerfully consider supporting this family directly at https://giving.ag.org so they can continue with this important work we have started together.

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