Friday, March 16, 2012

K'far Saba and our Partners "Love for the Needy"

Over the next few months I want to share testimonies from our compassion centers here in Israel so you can see how your dollars and our work is affecting the people in Israel:

"We hope more and more people abroad will support the ministry of Love to the Needy [through Jacob's Hope]!

"Why? In the first place, this is a very good organization who does very good work for a lot of people here in Israel. In the second place, Chaim B., the director [of the center in K'far Saba] knows exactly where the needs are! So when you give money to [these organizations], Chaim knows at that moment which people really need help. He knows people personally and has good contact with them. That's why he knows WHAT the needs are of several people and also we experienced that [these organizations are] very open for the Holy Spirit. They ask God to show them which people are in need. Your money can make a big difference, it can make that immigrants can stay in Israel instead of going back [to their countries of origin]. Some people are very poor here, especially immigrants and we need a lot of help here in Israel!

"It is a good opportunity for Christians to serve Israel by giving money to organizations like this, for you, [the gentiles,] received the gospel through us (Israel), see Romans 15:27 [Complete Jewish Bible]: 'For if the Gentiles have shared with the Jews in spiritual matters, then the Gentiles clearly have a duty to help the Jews in material matters.'

"So, [we would] like you [to] understand we think that it is the best that Christians support an organization who knows the needy personally!

"Love to the Needy provides for; clothes, food, [diapers], reduction-coupons for supermarket, reduction on products, and much more...

"Andries and Irma V."

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