Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ma'alot Center Opens to Public

Today, December 5, 2010, our new center in Ma'alot opened it's doors to the public at 10AM, Jerusalem time. As we arrived at the center shortly before 10AM, there was already a small crowd gathered in expectation of our opening. Over 20 families were blessed in the short 2 hour period we were open this morning, including a mother of 11 children, with the 12th on the way.
Some local residents also came by just to see what we were all about, and upon hearing that we were giving away clothing, and blankets, many offered to bring items they had and were no longer in need of. It's great to see those in the community supporting one another. One man even brought in two blankets to give away this morning.
Customers were limited to 3 kilos of clothing, one blanket and a new pair of Crocs, which are perfect for the climate in Israel.
It was exciting to see how grateful everyone was for everything they were receiving. We were repeatedly told how thankful everyone was, and how appreciative they were of the high quality of clothing. In the next few days we will also have a food distribution in Ma'alot, where we will be giving out bags of food to 10-20 needy families.

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